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Swisse Ultivite Vs Herron Vita Minis

A Children’s Multivitamin Comparison

Herrons Vita Minis contain more vitamins and Swisse Ultivite contains some herbs including Nettle, Rosehips and the mild stimulant Siberian Ginseng.

Both the Heron Vita Minis and Swisse Ultivite tables are free from yeast, gluten, dairy products and preservatives.

Ultivite Childrens Multivitamin

The Herron Vita Minis contain the artificial sweetener Saccharin which does make them slightly more palatable to kids than the Ultivite tablets which contain sucralose.

You can sort the table below by whichever column you like. Please note the units. Some units are milligrams (mg) one-thousandth of a gram and some units are micrograms (μg) or one-thousandth of a milligram (one-millionth of a gram)

Australian Self Medication Industry (ASMI or the non-prescription medicine industry) says if kids don’t get enough vitamins in their diets it follows that they would need it from another source. Doctors however are concerned that healthy kids are taking vitamins in lieu of a healthy diet and that advertising suggests to parents that their children should be taking vitamins as a routine part of a healthy lifestyle which they refute – read more on ABC news

Vitamin nameVitaminChildrens UltiviteHerron Vita MinisDifferenceUnitsSource
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Vitamin D3D3202500-2480ngCholecalciferol
ZincZn3642000-1636μgZinc Sulfate Monohydrate
Folic Acid1590-75μg
MagnesiumMg1.78.3-6.6mgMagnesium Oxide and Magnesium Carbonate Hydrate
Vitamin E4.958.3-3.35mgd-aplha tocopheryl acid succinate
Pantothenic acidB51.835-3.17mgCalcium Panthothenate
Potassium02-2mgPotassium citrate
RiboflavinB212-1mgRiboflavin Sodium Phosphate
Vitamin B1B112-1mgThiamin Nitrate
PyridoxineB6220mgPyridoxine Hydrochloride
Iron2.320.3mgfrom ferrous fumarate 7.36mg
Citrus bioflavonoids extract202mg
CalciumCa21.1165.1mgCalcium citrate tetrahydrate (100mg)
Siberian Ginseng6.506.5mgEleutherococcus
Ascorbic AcidC504010mgAscorbic Acid
Nettle10010mgdry herb equivalent
Manganese16350113μgfrom manganese sulfate monohydrate 500 mcg
Additional alergen infoNo added lactose, gluten, yeast, egg or artificial flavoursFree from yeast, gluten, dairy products and preservatives. Contains Saccharin sodium